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Welcome on Emile Janique.com website

Emile Janique manufactures gaskets and bellows of different shapes and materials. We are leaders in the work of leather for industry. We mainly supply sectors aeronautics, railway and of all the industries, but also the individuals.

This website allows us to present our identity, our products (check out our photo albums), as our news.

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The 13th of April 2018 : Emile Janique fait son cinéma

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Emile Janique
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69007 LYON
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Emile Janique - Gaskets and bellows Manufacturer

If you are looking for good gaskets, you are at the right place! Emile JANIQUE manufactures gaskets Leather U-shaped or V-shaped presses for oil. These gaskets are used on cylinders rods for sealing with the cylinder. We also have in our range of manufacturing leather gaskets for hand pump or pump garden. These gaskets are used as piston in the pump body. These gaskets on old garden pumps are leather. How to find a gasket for my pump? and it is very easy, just ask the company Emile JANIQUE 69007 LYON, for over 100 years, they produce parts for leather industry. If I understand correctly, FY sarl has an activity -based industrial leather? Yes, absolutely because in addition to these specific joints, we are able to perform simple washers leather or rubber. The other major part of our business is the protection. We design leather bellows to protect your axes. Manufacturing bellows canvas for guide rails is part of our expertise. For your machine tools it is necessary to have a reliable protection on the axes. Emile JANIQUE can also protect gimbals with custom bellows. We also use PVC bellows, which can be sewn or wet, they are obtained by soaking in a bath of liquid PVC. The sewn to them when bellows are of polyester fabric coated with PVC which are assembled by stitching. Each type of aggression may have a solution with our bellows. Our garment factory allows us to produce leather protections. Where can I get a protection order to avoid splashing of hot chips ? Janique Lyon made ??covers for robots that protect various particles. Protection panel can be PVC or canvas tarpaulin type, but also in leather. These slipcovers are used to protect the small dust up at welding slag, very aggressive. If you are looking good gasket, janique must have good gasket. We also offer Fittings for presses the balance, large washers are made ??of several layers of leather. The leathers used are vegetable tanned leather alternately and leather chrome tanning, these parts are used as clutch presses in the field of stamping, forging and stamping. We are manufacturers of leather belts for transmission. These belts can be used as keys ensachoir. Which is a key ensachoir ? A key to ensachoir, an object is used in the mill to maintain them for flour sacks filling once the mill has milled flour. The leather straps can be used to make belts that can be used to set or various uses. Various embodiments can be envisaged as rollers or even leather straps. These strips are used to attach and tie as a noose. The good gasket you'll get it Janique. Our products are recognized and have applications in fields as diverse as aerospace, industrial maintenance, industrial piping, hydraulic engineering, sailing, conveyance or water treatment, plumbing and sanitary. We present and perform some achievements for the leather. Our unique molding process in the world allows us to perform deformations of leather with a perfect finish to the fields of leather goods. That is that a compensator? A compensator is a kind cuff which as its name suggests is a mechanical movement compensates as vibration or misalignment of ducts but also serves to evacuate fumes or gas and drainage are pulvérulents.Ces headlines crafted in our workshops and can respond to high stress such as high temperature or attacks chimiques.Quels are the types of attacks that can undergo chemical headlines ? At its factory in Lyon FY emile JANIQUE manufactures countervailing provided to resist acid but also hydrocarbons, it is possible to obtain results even with acetone or bleach. If you have to make cuts in various materials, Emile JANIQUE cutting all types of parts through its new cutting table. This cutting machine uses a reed otherwise known as oscillating knife. This allows cutting of rubber, leather, joined sheets, but also the foam sever mousse.La can be performed on up to thicknesses of 120 mm.The considerable advantage of this machine with respect to a machine the water jet or a laser or machine cutting plasma cutting, is the cut product is not contaminated by water or combustion. Our activity Chopper allows us to cut out parts of the plan without using tools and very rapidement.la cutting plastic is easy and allows you to make parts in small and medium series. We usually make the cut joints but also cutting handles collection of tapestry. Emile JANIQUE produces gaskets for manufacturers of irrigation equipment as STARIC or BERTHOUD.Ou can I find my pump gaskets for wine, or for my tank ? You will find this type of gasket cut to JANIQUE in Lyon. Janique is the leading manufacturing leather gaskets and gaskets for the winery. The cut joints are used for pipes or pipes. On a pipe DN / PN gasket is used. They can be used for sealing boilers for burners, but also for cylinder heads and crankcases, not forgetting of course the gaskets for filter. Where to buy rings for gland ? These graphite rings are stamped rings obtained by crushing a graphite ribbon in special tools. Emile JANIQUE manufactures rings graphite gland. These rings provide a gasket on applications to high thermal stresses. Our workshops are specialists in gaskets stamped. PTFE is a material with which we carry out joint but also bellows. It may be pure or expanded PTFE. Emile JANIQUE dealer is in the range of maintenance products CHESTERTON. Our company has a stock of specific tools such as pullers braids sealing. PTFE tapes used for sealing joints are available from Emile JANIQUE. We are ½ PIECE different materials such as silicone or graphite for high temperature applications. CHESTERTON has a complete catalog of degreaser or lubricant. We stock the very high temperature grease. This fat is used in extreme environments. We can offer sheaths for ventilation. Our factory can manufacture demand for flexible suction. Buy a hose for the transport of gas or other fluids is in Emile JANIQUE Lyon. Our postal address is 37 rue Bancel 69007 LYON. Looking for a mechanical gasket? commercializing products BURGMAN range, Emile JANIQUE become the preferred dealer of your mechanical gaskets. A mechanical gasket is not chosen lightly and you will find with our technical expertise that you need. A sealing braid can be canned or blisters. We can also make your ring according to the diameters that you provide us. Emile JANIQUE regularly cutting joints, and thus has a stock sheet joints. A leaf joint Janique is necessarily non-asbestos ceramic and without. I wish to replace my diaphragm pump for agricultural ca I do not know who to call? I'll go ask you institutions JANIQUE LYON which reads www.emilejanique.com internet site, they will make your membranes or piston water pump. Emile JANIQUE has a desk study to listen to your needs whose specialization is stamping leather. But they are experts deformation technique leather. I have a leak and I want a gasket so I'll go to Emile JANIQUE LYON. I search the bellows of origin but that it no longer exists how can I do? Goes to Emile JANIQUE Lyon they can make you a slap on mesure.Ils know how to molding for small series to achieve your elastomer part. Sewn bellows are not waterproof but those of Emile JANIQUE are because they are designed to be. I am looking for a kind adhesive glue I do not know where to buy it ? These adhesives are cyanoacrylates and allow a strong and almost instantaneous in any case very fast bonding. There are in the range THREE BOND these products and you will find in Emile JANIQUE. Anaerobic resin is a glue that dries in the abscence of air, this is the principle of Loctite THREE BOND. Janique get very good results on the crankcase gaskets or box with proceeds THREE BOND silicone tube or cartridge. The advantage of working with the company Emile JANIQUE is that it has an ISO 9001 Version 2000 and Version 1996.Cette 14001 certification brings to the company JANIQUE credibility flawless and Janique undertakes to respect the environment. Tear paper to make another joint. exists in a range Emile JANIQUE round string to replace an O-ring. Looking for a specific lip ring, this type of shaft gasket ring is available from Emile JANIQUE. The spinnaker is attached for your car restorations or for specific parts in the industry. Is that a plastic cutting is possible with Emile JANIQUE machine? Yes of course we can cut the demand and plan while a range of elastomers but also plastics. Cutting self-gripping hook VELCRO kind. You want to redo your gasket pool, just ask us for a quote or advice for all your joints pool silicone, EPDM, cork or other material, that they are standard or custom EMILE JANIQUE is able to achieve. This is possible thanks to our cutting machine. Waterjet cutting is not our manufacturing process, but it s is a knife that vibrates at high frequency, and thus can cut digitally any plan on flexible materials. I have an old press Oil gaskets and I'm looking for my release? yes you find these joints U-shaped Janique at 37 rue Bancel LYON 69007. I have recovered an old cider press and I 'd like to restart it but I do not know where to find these gaskets leather ? you can go to JANIQUE in Lyon, they have mastered this type of manufacturing for over 100 years! bellows rubber leather cuff ring dielectric JANIQUE experience your trades gasket manufacturer designer business establishment. Our company Expertise Our?? Commitments Your areas of activity Maintenance and finished products Industrial piping Mechanical Hydraulic Water Supply Plumbing / Sanitary Vineyard and Winery Leather Our Business Products Engineered Seals Gaskets Seals cut molded O-rings gaskets stamped profiles Leather Pump Parts Headlines arm gussets plates and sheets Stuffing belts and leather bi-material Commodities Rubbers Plastics leather industrial elastomeric fibers / graphite paper and pressboard Fabrics Fibrous Braids Foams Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Documentation / Customer JANIQUE rates since 1860, designing and manufacturing room and gasket piece and protective gasket -gt room and gasket insulation piece and attached flow transfer part and joint transmission adapted to the dimensional standards and approvals of your trades. Our Business Products Joint Joint machined cut gasket gasket milled turned Moulded gasket O-ring gasket profile Crimp room bellows pump arm cuff plate sheet Stuffing leather strap and bi-material Our Commodities industrial rubber elastomer -Fibre Plastic -Leather - Graphite cardboard - fiber fabrics and braids - Foam. Hydraulic gaskets pneumatic gaskets. Emile JANIQUE designs, manufactures and distributes gaskets for hydraulic and pneumatic applications and manufactures any type of elastomer parts form for its manufacturing customers for whom quality is a determining element by the currents innovation s Joint endeavors to precede the market trends of the sealing via a broad choice of products you will discover in our heading certifications ISO 9001 2000 ISO TS 16949 2002 and EN 9100 2003 allowed joint become a Quality Partner impossible in a multitude of sectors which you will discover in our heading Joint knew to be surrounded partners of weight in the countries "low -cost " leaders in their respective markets in order to bring a qualitative satisfaction technical and Economic clients We hope you enjoy browsing Website gasket gasket gasket France. technical rubber gasket O-rings seal gaskets manufacturing technical rubber seal gasket silicone gasket design support product design tooling manufacture of gaskets and molded technical parts are cut gaskets gaskets and O-rings to elastomers derived mixable liquids and silicones. Assembly of components and design resources. Joint seal gasket seal Shapeburst and applying gaskets thereof are made of injection or compression are some adherent We have most of gasket tightness in stock. We can offer you profiles gasket adapted machining More information on the gasket. If you want more information about the gaskets thank you to visit the gaskets molded page click here to request a specific thank you to contact us by clicking here. We manufacture gaskets for aerospace. We manufacture bellows for aerospace. Emile JANIQUE also manufactures tailor your EPDM gasket pools and / or cork all thicknesses. Come make your joints in swimming pools 37 rue Emile JANIQUE BANCEL 69007 LYON. For its gaskets, caps, boots, belts, the company Emile Janique uses different parts of the leather office demands of its customers. With collars, dossets, half dossets, butts, half butts, butts, blanks and strips we are ready to answer all requests for cuts and leather making for all use. leather Emile Janique all enjoy tanning depending on usage. Vegetable tanning, tanning Chrome or double depending on your needs we have the right tanning leather.